Care for hard floors 

  • Heavy-duty, highly alkaline floor cleaner for removal of animal or vegetable oil and fat. Ideal for restaurants, kitchens, food industry. It has a high alkalinity and good emulsifying power has no perfume and fragrance, is low foaming, fast acting while being environmental responsible for waste water disposal.

  • Low foaming cleaner and maintainer for scrubber driers Contains polymers to maintain the floor surface Buffable to give shine

  • Cleaner for unprotected, high gloss ceramic floors Solvent based and fast drying Fresh fragrance

  • Low foaming heavy duty alkaline floor cleaner, which is suitable for manual and machine application Removes heavy soil and grease from water resistant floors Available in two platforms

  • Low foaming neutral cleaner for all water resistant hard floors. Ideal in scrubber driers for coated floors. Incorporates the new ONT air neutralising method. Fast drying time.

  • Means for deep cleaning floors.

  • Floor cleaner/maintainer, without film build up. Ideal for cleaning and maintenance of protected and unprotected water resistant hard floors. Creates a slip-resistant and dirt repellent floor.

  • Cif Professional Oxygel Ocean Fresh with active oxygen for floors and washable surfaces. During use, the oxygen develops micro-bubbles, which help in lifting up the dirt quickly.

  • Heavy duty floor cleaner