About the company

SIA BREMAN in cooperation with the company DIVERSEY works to ensure that the cleanliness at our clients' facilities will be provided simply, reliably and cost-effectively.
We offer a comprehensive program for service to enterprises the restaurant and hotel business, to industrial facilities including which releasing food products.

Our field of activity is the supply of goods for cleanliness and hygiene, as well as the provision of services for the installation and maintenance of professional equipment.

About professional detergents of the company Diversey
Choosing a professional cleaning and maintenance products, first of all, need to decide not only with the nature of the pollution but also the surface material with which you will work.
For this, it is best to consult with specialists from our company.
The company Diversey always indicates in the instructions, for which surfaces one or other means is suitable, and where cannot be used or should be used with caution.

How to find us?


 G.Astras street 3a LV-1084, Riga